What is DevConnect?

Text Box Person Developer Connect is a place where Roblox developers of all kinds can find and connect with each other to collaborate on games and projects. Here you can search for specific types of developers for your project such as: artists, music composers, modelers and clothing designers.

How do I find developers for hire?
You can find available developers for your projects in the 'Developer Search', and once you've found a developer, simply click on their profile to view their skills, examples of their work, pricing info, and ways to contact them!

How do I register as a developer?
To register as a developer, simply click on the 'Developer Registration' button and fill out a short form with information on your development and commission details.

Site Updates:

  • August 13th: Add the registration form.
  • August 13th: Display user profiles on the Find Creators page.
  • August 12th: Create the Find Creators page.

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